Breakfast Just Got So Much Better

Ellen Watters
December 29, 2016
Delicata Squash and Kale Quiche
January 11, 2017

Each new year, everyone has the same resolution: to start eating better. Creating a healthy lifestyle should not be filled with challenges or bland food that you force yourself to eat. Your meals should be delicious, colorful, and easy to make. You know how they say, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day?” They say that for strawberrySmall.gif.pagespeed.ce.No_Ko8pT-Wa reason.  First off, eating something early in the morning jump starts your metabolism and gives you energy for the morning until lunch time. Second, it protects your heart. Research shows that you are 27% more likely to develop heart problems if you skip breakfast because skipping breakfast causes you to overeat at lunch, causing you to gain excess weight which puts a lot of strain on your heart.

spinachSMALLThird, you are more likely to be physically active after eating breakfast. Your body and mind are energized, giving you motivation and encouragement to move around a bit. On little to no food, our bodies become tired easily and on an empty stomach, a nap is much more realistic than a workout. Fourth, skipping breakfast actually increases your chance of diabetes. You are six times more likely to develop it. Finally, skipping breakfast actually lowers your memory. A studypumpkinSMALL in 2005 found that middle school and high school students who ate breakfast developed better cognitive functions and even had higher test grades.

Bearing all of this in mind, it is also naive to think that everyone will wake up early to whip up an omelet or big bowl of oatmeal. So, we’ve created 5 delicious and healthy smoothie recipes which include our olive oil. The smoothies will wake you up with their fruity flavor and keep you energized all morning long. The best part is- they are quick and easy to make. Try our Projecting Pumpkin Smoothie, Strengthening Spinach Serum, Muscle Motivating  Choco Beet Blend, Immunity Inducing Strawberry Booster Smoothie, or our Antioxidant Berry Blast.