Seasonal Squash and How to Cook them

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April 20, 2016
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November 14, 2016

Everywhere you look during autumn, you’re likely to find more varieties of squash than you can count. In the grocery store or tucked along roads in local stands, you can often spot rows of pumpkins, leeks and a variety of squash. Squash is incredibly versatile and extremely beneficial for your health. It’s Stuffed Acorn Squashpacked with nutrients including Vitamin A, C, and E. Not only is squash said to improve eyesight, boost skin health, and strengthen your immune system, but it also prevents cancer and protects heart health.

Although you can find squash in abundance around this time of year, few people know the variety of ways you can actually cook squash or the diversity of squash that exists throughout this season. First, there’s acorn squash, which tastes best peeled, chopped up, and baked in olive oil, salt, and pepper (add maple syrup for a surprisingly sweet accent!) Next, there’s butternut squash, which is perfect to puree into soup given its soft and
smooth texture. Calabaza and delicata squash are delicious on their own, just try roasting them with a bit of olive oil for a crispier texture. These types don’t even have to be peeled, a real treat for a quick dinner. You can use hubbard squash to make a healthy and fluffy substitute for mashed potatoes. Kabocha can be difficult to find in some places, but is worth theSpaghetti Squash Lasagne hunt. Cut it into chunks, roast, and blend into a creamy and warming soup. As a healthier alternative to pasta, spaghetti squash can take the place of noodles in some of your favorite dishes. Pumpkins are best for cookies, muffins, and pies in the fall, but the’re fit for nearly any dish- sweet or savory!

There are so many types of squash, you’ll be able to please even the pickiest eater with at least one. Orange or yellow, roasted or blended, squash is nearly impossible to get tired of this fall, especially with the variety of recipes available. You can add sauce and cheese to delicious spaghetti squash lasagna boats, or stuff sausage, sage, quinoa and figs inside acorn squash for a real taste of autumn. You could also try creating your own chips or granola with squash. More seasonal squash recipes can be found  on our recipe website, where you can always find new things to try!

                                                                   Buon appetito!